Areas of expertise

Throughout its history, KGC has specialized in assisting customers from several industries. Among these:


automotiveKGC possesses broad expertise in the automotive market based on the 30 years of experience of its executives, including the entire supply chain—OEMs, 1st and 2nd Tiers—and is specialized in assisting major brands in this sector.


aeronauticWith broad experience in this market, KGC serves businesses in this sector from different regions of the world. Its headquarters are located 40 km from Sao Jose dos Campos, the largest aeronautic pole in Latin America.



KGC has strategic operations with the major Brazilian railways. Its expertise includes product certification, with knowledge of the AAR application. Due to its successful operations, KGC founded SAB (South American Bearings) in Brazil in conjunction with two European partners.



oil&gasWith the recent Pre-Salt findings along the coast, this industry has become one of the most promising and attractive for foreign investors and companies. KGC managed to gather broad experience in shipbuilding investments along the national coast, including technical expertise and high-level contacts with investing companies and within decision-making areas of the state and federal governments.


Indústria de construçãoConta com atuação em diversos ramos na indústria de construção. Envolvida em diversas atividades relacionadas à Copa do Mundo de Futebol 2014 e Jogos Olímpicos 2016, a KGC participou em importantes planejamentos para a construção da infraestrutura hoteleira e restauração de rodovias. Conhecimentos profundos nos setores de guindastes e implementos rodoviários, decorrentes de estudos de mercado realizados, complementam as atividades na indústria de construção.


bens de capitalKGC has operations in several sectors of the machinery, equipment, and tool industries, among others. Stamping tools, tube production and folding equipment, and induction heating equipment are some of the main fields KGC has worked with throughout the years. In addition to possessing expansive expertise, KGC has helped several companies from this industry establish themselves in the local markets.


consumer-goodsKGC has operations in several fields of the consumer goods industry. B2B international experience in the pharmaceutical and cosmetic sectors. One of its highlights is the development of components for the electronics industry, in collaboration with electronics producers, including TV, GPS, audio devices, and parabolic antennas.