KGC was founded in May 2008, in Jacarei, in the Vale do Paraiba region, by Jürgen Kneissler, an experienced executive with over 30 years of experience in the international automotive industry. In 2009, it established itself in Guararema, Sao Paulo, where its headquarters are located to this date.

After working and living in several countries, Kneissler noticed the difficulties foreign companies experienced while assessing and eventually establishing themselves in the local market, due to the lack of information and transparency, excessive paperwork, and issues caused by cultural differences.

A market research and customer prospection project was then initiated for Webasto, the world leader in the automotive sunroof systems industry. The business development work for the German multinational company lasted about a year and showed massive potential for its products. And the first major achievement soon followed: in September 2009, Volkswagen started fitting Fox cars with Webasto’s sunroof systems in the local market.

From that point on, KGC established itself as a major strength for the entrance of large companies into the South American market and attracted customers from all over the world. Also in 2009, KGC started advising the DK Group, a Korean multinational provider of interior systems for passenger vehicles. This partnership led not only to local outcomes, but new projects were acquired and developed elsewhere throughout the world, as a result of the local customer prospection efforts.

In 2011, another milestone: strategic consulting was developed to assist a major Japanese multinational company to expand its local activities with new customers. These activities resulted in an investment exceeding a hundred million reais (Brazilian currency) starting in 2014.

With the increasing demand for support to international businesses, KGC established itself across different regions to provide direct assistance within the markets where it operates. In 2011, a new site location was established in Colombia to serve local customers. In March 2012, local support was initiated for businesses in Minas Gerais, especially for Fiat. Also in 2012, KGC opened its site in Bahia to support Ford. In February 2013, KGC landed in Buenos Aires to provide support to the local market.


  • 2008

    • Operations in Jacarei, in the countryside of Sao Paulo, were initiated.
    • A market study on sunroof systems was initiated for Webasto, a German multinational leading company in automotive sunroof systems.
    • An M&A feasibility study was carried out for the Italian Dema, assessing several suppliers from the aeronautic industry.
  • 2009

    • Established itself in Guararema, a charming town in the countryside of São Paulo, enhancing access to the International Airport of Guarulhos, and providing international customers with a safe and calm location.
    • Business representation was initiated for Webasto for the South American market, following the massive potential assessed in its market study.
    • In September, Volkswagen started fitting its Fox models with Webasto’s sunroof systems.
    • Business development projects were initiated for the DK Group, a Korean multinational provider of interior systems for the automotive industry.
  • 2010

    • In October, Fiat started fitting its Bravo models with Webasto’s panoramic sunroof systems.
    • The demand for superior quality parts for the interior of trucks, construction and agricultural machines, combined with the scarcity of systemists within these industries, motivated KGC to bring North American companies to the country.
  • 2011

    • In February, it was Peugeot’s turn to incorporate Webasto’s sunroof systems into its 408 models.
    • Established itself in Colombia to support local businesses.
    • Strategic consulting was initiated for a multinational Japanese company.
  • 2012

    • Fiat started fitting its Palio and Grand Siena models with Webasto’s panoramic sunroof systems, the first ones exclusively developed for the local market.
    • KGC established itself in Minas Gerais to support local businesses, especially Fiat.
    • KGC established itself in Bahia with a dedicated service to Ford, in order to support its global EcoSport project development, interfacing with development centers in China, Europe, and the US.
  • 2013

    • KGC established itself in Buenos Aires to support the local market.
    • Citroën started fitting its C4 Lounge with Webasto’s sunroof systems.
    • Several European automotive component suppliers started requesting KGC’s services.
    • KGC determined Paraguay has massive potential for investments. Contact with the highest executive entity in Paraguay facilitates communication and success.